New AutoPOL version 03.31.0030


A new updated version 03.31.0030 of AutoPOL has been released. This version includes new functionality and a few minor improvements/fixes. The major ones are briefly described below.

Customers with an active Subscription can download this version from the AutoPOL Customer Portal. Partners use AutoPOL Partner Portal.
Do not forget to back-up your AutoPOL Common Files on a regular basis.


  • Reference side highlight
    A new feature that highlights one of the sides of the part, throughout the entire process, has been added.
    The main purpose of this is to make it more clear for operators to see when the part is flipped over and not. Or to avoid bending mirrored parts.
    The side indicated is the same as the reference side, which is also the top side of the flat pattern.


  • Angle measurement “Learned” method
    A third method, called Learned, for laser angle measurement has been added.
    This allows re-use of measurement results done on previous bends where the bend characteristics match the current bend. If tooling, angle and bend length match there is no need to measure again as the two bends are “the same”.
    This is very useful when you want to achieve faster cycle times, as active measuring takes time, or if the second bend is not possible to measure for some reason.

  • Automatic programming of angle measurement
    The Learned measurement method is not the only improvement done for the angle measurement functionality. AutoPOL can now also program angle measurement automatically.
    With user configurable settings AutoPOL can automatically decide what bends to measure and with what method/type of measurement.
    You can decide if measurements must take place, if you prefer to measure or if no measurement should be performed.
    These settings can be made based on material type and thickness, so that different preferences can be set based on the need for measurement in different cases.
    Maybe you prefer to measure Stainless, but not Mild steel…
    Or you want to measure everything above 3mm, but not below…
    Or a specific material/thickness combination must always be measured very carefully due to material inconsistency…
    To summarize, a very flexible system that lets you set your preferences based on your needs in different situations.

  • More control over alternative tool search
    For a long time it has been possible to let AutoPOL find alternative tools when the current ones do not work for some reason.
    This functionality is quite intelligent and can find solutions, if it is necessary, using several different types of punches and/or dies for different bends of the part. This makes the functionality very powerful, as multiple tool combinations makes more parts possible to bend.
    However, some users have expressed that those solutions sometimes are too complex for their capabilities. Mistakes happen more frequently when complex solutions are needed.
    For that reason it is now possible to disable the possibility to use multiple types of punches or dies when searching alternative tools.
    This of course decreases the number of parts you are able to bend, but that is then a strategic decision made to decrease scrap in manufacturing locations where complex bend solutions can’t be managed well.

  • Indication of filmside for Delem DA-6xT controls
    On Delem DA-6xT controls, of version 3.6 or newer, it is now possible to have the Filmside shown/indicated.
    With this new AutoPOL version that information is included when outputting programs to these controls, if a Filmside is selected.

  • Support for Remsoft-FXSoft controls
    We are happy to announce that from this version onwards, AutoPOL supports Remsoft – FXSoft controls.
    This control is, for example, used by Euromac press brakes.

    To get access to this new control, a new activation code is required.
    End users with an active maintenance can find their updated code on the AutoPOL Customer Portal.

  • Support for Durma Sky22 controls
    Another new control that is supported is the one called Sky22 from Durma.

    This control also requires an updated Activation code that users with an active maintenance can find on the AutoPOL Customer Portal.