New AutoPOL version 03.31.0010


A new updated version 03.31.0010 of AutoPOL has been released. This version includes new functionality and a few minor improvements/fixes. The major ones are briefly described below.

Customers with an active Subscription can download this version from the AutoPOL Customer Portal. Partners use AutoPOL Partner Portal.
Do not forget to back-up your AutoPOL Common Files on a regular basis.


  • Support for new 3D file versions added
    The currently supported versions can always be found on, but the new versions added in this release are the following.

    Catia V5: R2022
    3DExperience: R2022x
    Siemens NX: NX 1980
    SolidEdge: SE 2022
    Solidworks: 2022

  • Import of XML based profile definitions
    To better support integration with external software systems used by for example the cladding and roofing industry, the possibility to open standardized XML files describing sheet profiles has been added.
    This allows any system to create XML format based apProfile files, containing all the data and shape of a sheet profile, to be opened and processed by AutoPOL. Either manually or automatically using Batch & Remote.
    The format of the apProfile files is well documented and is found in the AutoPOL Help for anyone who wish to use this functionality to create 3D models of their profiles, from their own software system.


  • Automatic Reference and Film side detection
    It is from this version possible to automatically detect the Reference side of the sheet and apply the Film side.
    The side can be detected using various methods, for example by color indication or position of the origin.
    The settings for this i done per material, enabling different behaviour for different materials and thicknesses.


  • Bend lines visible in AutoPOL CNC Viewer
    Anyone using the AutoPOL CNC Viewer, normally at the machine, will now be able to see the bend lines of the part in the 3D representation.
    The lines will be indicated with colors representing up or down bends.
    All parts made with the new version will have these bend lines shown in the AutoPOL CNC Viewer. The viewer itself does not need to be updated.

Batch & Remote

  • Assembly Filter in Remote mode
    The Assembly Filter released in a previous version of AutoPOL can now also be used in Remote mode.
    This means that the functionality to filter out, and separate, individual parts from an assembly can now also be used by external software systems. This can for example be ERP and MRP systems.
    How to implement this functionality with your own software system is documented in the AutoPOL Help.