New AutoPOL version 03.29.0002

13 maj, 2020

A new updated version 03.28.0002 of AutoPOL has been released. This version includes new functionality and a few minor improvements/fixes. The major ones are briefly described below.

Customers with an active Subscription can download this version from the AutoPOL Customer Portal. Partners use AutoPOL Partner Portal.
Do not forget to back-up your AutoPOL Common Files on a regular basis.


  • Improvements when searching for alternative tools
    The functionality that searches for alternative tools, when the default ones are not suitable, has been greatly improved.
    Up until now this functionality has been limited to finding one punch and die combination. Now, multiple tool combinations can be found automatically.
    This means, for example, that AutoPOL can automatically suggest using different types of punches for one part if required. The same thing goes for dies also.
    That is not all. If flanges that are too short are detected, it will also try to avoid those issues by trying dies with a narrower w-opening.
  • Rollbend dies
    Rollbend dies are now possible to use in AutoPOL without creating a corresponding normal V-shaped die.
    This means that proper collision detection and other characteristics of this type of tool can now be more accurately simulated.
    Many rollbend type dies from a broad range of suppliers have been added to the default tool library and are ready for use.
    If your specific rollbend tool is not available at this moment, you can easily add it using the built in templates.
  • Apply Remaining
    Making settings to only the current bend is easy!
    But many of the bend settings you can edit, such as finger retraction and y-opening, have also for a long time easily been applied to all of the bends. Just choose Apply All when modifying.
    As of now there is also a third option called Apply Remaining available to many of the settings.
    What it does is that it will apply the change you do to the current bend, and all the ones after it in the bend sequence. This setting goes from here and all the bends forward, basically.
    Maybe not the biggest feature we have developed, but very useful…
  • Support for Cybelec VisiTouch controllers
    FCC Software is happy to announce that from this new version we officially support the latest control from the Swiss company Cybelec, called VisiTouch.
    These controllers are available in 2 different version, VisiTouch 19 and VisiTouch 19 MX.
    Both of them are now supported by AutoPOL.
  • Support for Step Automation controllers
    Another new control manufacturer now supported by AutoPOL is Step Automation from Italy.
    Their controllers are currently available in 13 versions under 2 different lines, called CNC Series ROCK and CNC Series SA-TOUCH, and AutoPOL supports all of them.To get access to these new controls, a new activation code is required.
    End users with an active Subscription will find their updated code on the AutoPOL Customer Portal.
    Partners who wish to get their new activation code, with the new controllers included, needs to contact FCC Software via and request their updated code.

Batch & Remote

  • Improved Queue reporting
    The queue reports can now have more extensive information regarding each program.
    This can, for the part itself, be for example the number of bends, part size, cutting length, number of contours and weight.
    On the program side you can get more tool set-up related info such as a list of used tool segments, including images of every tool type, for each program.