New AutoPOL version 03.28.0016


A new updated version 03.28.0016 of AutoPOL has been released. This version includes new functionality and a few minor improvements/fixes. The major ones are briefly described below.

Customers with an active Subscription can download this version from the AutoPOL Customer Portal. Partners use AutoPOL Partner Portal.
Do not forget to back-up your AutoPOL Common Files on a regular basis.


  • Import Trumpf 3D BNC files
    It is now possible to open Trumpf 3D BNC files.
    This means that the 3D model inside the press brake programs created for, or by, the TASC6000 control can opened and processed by AutoPOL just like any of the other 3D CAD file formats.
    This 3D model can then be processed by AutoPOL in the normal and new programs be created for also other machines.
  • Industry 4.0
    External software systems, for example ERP and MRP, can now extract information about parts and bending solutions from the AutoPOL files.
    This enables those systems to integrate more deeply and off-line programming information is available for further use in various processes. This can be for example automatic quoting, production planning, order handling etc.


  • Y-Opening Gap and Mute Point settings
    The general machine configuration is slightly improved by now having open and independent settings for the Y-Opening Gap and the Mute Point.
    The Y-Opening Gap value decides how much extra opening height that is needed after each bend, and is added to the current flange height.
    The Mute Point is the distance how far from the top of the sheet the press brakes changes from approach speed to bending speed.

Batch & Remote

  • Updated user interface for Batch Manager
    The user interface for the add-on Batch & Remote, Batch Manager, has got a new updated user interface.
    It has been adapted to a more standardized Ribbon menu style and the tasks are now separated into different tabs.
    In the Program tab you program new parts from CAD files to finished bending solutions and production files.
    In the Produce tab you use existing bending solutions to plan your work and prepare for production.
  • Program Queue Optimizer
    This new feature is available in the Produce tab of Batch Manager and is used to calculate in what sequence the individual parts should be produced to minimize time needed for tool changes.
    It is taking into account each individual segment in the tool set-ups for these calculations and based on how long certain operations take, the optimal production queue is calculated.
    The result from these calculations will be presented as Queue report in PDF format.