New AutoPOL version 03.28.0013


A new updated version 03.28.0013 of AutoPOL has been released. This version includes new functionality and a few minor improvements/fixes. The major ones are briefly described below.

Customers with an active Subscription can download this version from the AutoPOL Customer Portal.
Do not forget to back-up your AutoPOL Common Files on a regular basis.


  • Major performance improvements
    Many of the calculation intense core functions of the AutoPOL kernel has been re-written and will see big performance improvements.
    These improvements are achieved through optimizing algorithms and multi-threading, where all the CPU kernels are used more efficiently.
    Improvement results are not linear and will vary from part to part, but for example the auto sequencing and tool set-up calculations, have shown results only requiring down to 20% of the time for certain parts.
  • Forced Retract based on thickness
    A new machine setting is implemented that forces the back gauges to always make a retract when the part is over a certain thickness.
    It is for example common that you want to do this to avoid thicker sheets lifting the fingers. It is also useful in robotized solutions where doing a retract at every bend is common.